Art Game

Pinball Classic

Pinball has always been considered to be a fun, addictive, intuitive arcade classic that refuses to go out of style. Years later and here it is again on the new age smartphone. Pinball Classic is very true to the name and old-school fans will appreciate the fact that the developer has not tinkered a lot with the game's layout. Developed by Terran Droid, the same people who have the top rated game Pool Master Pro in their kitty, Pinball Classic in a similar way does not let down.

Temple Run

Temple Run makes a swift landing on the iOS platform that will surely be a treat to all the adventure freaks. Temple Run is the typical treasure hunting game with its own fair-share of obstacles and difficulties thrown in the way. Developed by Imangi Studios, these developers have quite a neat kitty as far as iOS games are concerned. Players who have played their earlier titles will not be disappointed with Temple Run at all.

Microsoft Flight

After a very long-time, Microsoft Studios is back with a major uplift of the Flight Simulator series. This time around it is called Microsoft Flight. This time around, the game is a free version and very well integrates with games for Windows Life. Developed by Microsoft Studios, Flight is one of the best in the simulator series and does the job really well. Instead of the boring environment, this time around the developers have incorporated the beautiful scenic locales of Miami. Allowing users to hover around the beautiful beaches and the likes.

Gun Bros Multiplayer

Attention! Calling all hardcore-action fans. Repeat, calling all hardcore-action fans. Gamers, if you own an Android or iOS device, then it is time to rage war with guns with players around the world. Yes, it is time to unleash hell with Gun Bros Multiplayer. Created by Glu Mobile, this developer needs no introduction and has created a strong foothold in the smartphone gaming segment with masterpieces like Frontline Commando, Blood & Glory, Contract Killer: Zombies and a ton of other slick offerings.

Special Enquiry Detail

It is time to let your detective skills kick-in and solve amazingly intriguing mysteries with their far-share of twists. Special Enquiry Detail is a game that puts the player in the shoes of Detective Turino and Detective Lamonte. The game can really make a player scratch those grey cells of theirs. Created by G5 Entertainment, the developer has done a fanatstic job by churning out titles such as Special Enquiry Detail and the quality can be seen in the game.


If you are the gamer who has been hooked to the likes of Final Fantasy since time immortal, then we just have picked out the perfect offering for your gaming taste buds. Avenger on Android is the answer to the Final Fantasy series, with graphics, characters and music sharing an uncanny resemblance to the popular franchise. Created by CWA Games, this developer has made quite a remarkable move with their previous titles on the Android market and Avenger does not stay anywhere behind them.

Angry Piggy (Adventure)

So here we are again with what seems like another "Angry Birds" ripoff. This time around the tables have turned a bit and we are offered Angry Piggy (Adventure). As the name says it all, in the game it is the pig who is angry, but very surprisingly not with the birds. Developed by MPC Games, these developers have quite a few cute games under-their-belt, but it is the Angry Piggy that got them the impressive number of downloads within only a few days of its launch on the Android Market.

Blood & Glory

Always envied iOS users for their ability to play Infinity Blade? Well Android users the plight has ended and the time for slash and hack has come in full 'Glory'. Blood & Glory brings the Infinity Blade feel to all Android users. Developed by Glu Mobile, a very popular game developer on the Android Market, this is another masterpiece offering from their stable.

Monster Mouth DDS

This one if for all the kids who just hate visiting the dentist. So, kids it is your time to play the dentist and clean the mouth and teeth of big, ugly monsters with bad-odor. Monster Mouth DDS is a game that features loads of gun creatures with a cavity problem that need to be addressed. The game is primarily targeted at the kids and it has its own fun moments. Keeping the target-audience in mind, the developer has done quite a decent job in terms of gameplay, environments and the role they play.