Art Game

Chopper Pro

Blackberry is an out-an-out business device and although its high on security, productivity and connectivity, sometimes there is just not enough of the entertainment factor thrown in. These troubles, however, could just be forgotten with Chopper Pro, by far the best and most addictive game on Blackberry. Chopper Pro was created by, a developer that has quite a repute on Blackberry App World with a high inclination towards utility apps, but don't worry as this little gem will definitely not disappoint.

Duck Hunting

The advent of HD gaming entered our devices, and minds, as quickly as a storm. Sometimes while shooting at life-like monsters and scoring goals on the field, we do get reminded about how fuss-free 8-Bit cassette games really were. Well, prayers have been answered with Duck Hunt making its presence felt on Android. Ported by Andrey_N_S, the port seems to work really well, but strangely only on the higher-end smartphones and no one seems to be complaining yet.

Cut The Rope

There are very few instances in the gaming world when the central character garners a bigger fan-following than the entire game itself. Cut The Rope is just one of such examples, where the cute little green monster OM-NOM takes over the fans with its amazing look and the most infectious personality. Cut The Rope was developed by Zeptolabs and the team back there has surely done a terrific job - and this not only applies to the cute little character but also to the way the app always stays updated and fresh.

Fantasy Town

Love creating your very own world and giving it your own personal touch? Or Are you rather the type who loves playing Cityvile? Whatever may the game be, Fantasy Town is surely a game that will keep you smiling for endless hours. Brought to life by Gameloft, this developer has really kicked the gaming scene on Android & iOS to the next level. Gameloft has produced some of the greates titles in the history of mobile gaming, such as the Price of Persia: Warrior Within, Assassins Creed, Asphalt Series and more. Fantasy Town is a free game and definitely one of the yummiest till date.

Ninja Dash

Here is something for all those who just cannot get enough of casual gaming titles on their smartphones. Ninja Dash will be one game that every gamer at heart will love and adore to the fullest, all owing to the sweet graphics and intuitive gameplay style integrated within the game ecosystem. Created by Mouse Games, this developer has produced some rather sad titles in the past, but things seem to have taken a turn with their Ninja Dash offering.

SpaceCat 3D

Gamers on Android, it is time to fasten your seat-belts and fire up a game that will surely tingle your gaming senses. SpcaeCat 3D is one game that will leave you wanting for more. Created by The Pill Tree, this developer has developed a few games previous to this, but nothing really held ground like SpaceCat 3D. The download numbers are nothing astonishing, but nevertheless, the game is awesome to say the least.

Stardom: The A list

Social-networking games gave a new face to the gaming industry with the advent of developers such as Zynga on Facebook. Here onward, there has been no turning back. And now it is Stardom: The A-List that has come to invade our smartphones and with the number of titles already lurking around, will this game be able to hold ground? Created by Glu Mobile, a developer that has proved its mettle on both Android and iOS platform and still manages to surprise us with every new release, Stardom takes us on a quest to become a real celebrity!

Tiki Kart 3D

Crash Bandicoot fan-boys on Android, hold your horses for what is about to come. Tiki Kart 3D is the exact replica of the Crash series from the PS1 and boy oh boy this one lives up to all its expectations. Tiki Kart 3D is the only game that not only comes close, but actually is as good as the Crash Bandicoot game. Created by Arb Studios LLC, this developer deserves nothing but a 5 star rating for this awesome recreation. The game has been created with full attention to detail and for the old-school lovers, well you will not be disappointed.


Here is a cute little game with its own twist of Good vs Evil. HeavenHell features a cute, round and fluffy angel and a similar looking devil, painted in Evil Red. The game's architecture is physics-based and will appeal to gamer of every kind. Kiddies might just keep smiling, everytime this game is launched. Developed by Nelphy Games, the game does not have any concept or a definite storyline, it is present just for the entertainment value and it surely does provide the player with a lot of just that.