Shoot First

Described as an "co-op action roguelike" game, Shoot First, is a mix of Roguelike elements, retro graphics and RPG systems. As weird as this combination may sound, it's actually works great. Of course, instead of the typical sword and shield in RPG systems, you will be packing an automatic instead. Developed by Teknopants, the game allows you to play single or cooperative missions. Go on two player mode and fight off monsters, quests, score some loot and save a couple of trapped people in the process. This game certainly knows how to fuse weird elements together and make it work. If you play the game, expect a lot of dungeon crawling and monster killing goodness coming your way.


If you love buccaneers or pirates, then you'll adore Dubloon. Created by Banov, the game is a huge point and click adventure. Don't be misled by the point and click gameplay though, because this one actually plays like a true blue RPG. You'll have items to collect and you can explore your world. Like any RPG, whenever you encounter an enemy you are transported into a different fighting scene accompanied with your stats and all. The premise is a bit typical. You're an ordinary person that happens upon a big treasure, so you go ahead and gather up a crew to make the treasure your own.

Peter Lu: Roulette

WARNING: This game contains graphic images so please don't download if this isn't your cup of tea. Roulette is an experimental and disturbing game created by Peter Lu. I cannot stress enough that if you feel that the game will have a negative effect on you, then steer clear. This is a one button game where you'll find yourself sitting in a table from your opponent playing Russian roulette - you and your opponent take turns firing a gun at your head. The empty room makes the game even creepier than you might expect. Again, only give it a go if you think you have the stomach for it. This is a one button game where you'll find yourself sitting in a table from your opponent playing Russian roulette. Basically, the game is pretty simple, you and your opponent take turns firing a gun at your head. You may sit there thinking, the game is rather empty with just you two, and actually it is. However, that's what makes it creepier. The fact that it's just you and your digitized opponent playing a game of chance. Again, only give it a go if you think you have the stomach for it.

Survivor: The Living Dead

Haven't gotten over zombies yet? Here's another one you might want to take a chunk off. Survivor - The Living Dead is nothing new in terms of concept. You play a 20 year old girl by the name of Amber Chaplin who witnesses her brother's violent death in the hands of a zombie. To save herself, she flees and comes upon a large house that seems to be infested with the walking dead. Will she survive or will she turn into the next best grub for these zombies? Survivor definitely takes almost all the elements of a good zombie game and meshes them into one big and highly entertaining game. You get big guns, a heroine that's not immune to zombies and actually gets tired when sprinting too much and simply an awesome gameplay.

Neon Plat2

NeonPlat2 is a colorful and slightly psychedelic platformer. Created by Jayenkai, it's actually an update from last year's version. This one does feel brand new though, with great graphics and much more coherent gameplay. They've also incorporated a co-op version so you and your friends can easily play at the same time. In the game, you find yourself bouncing, or better yet, falling off platforms that are floating through space. You can only complete a level if you "fall" and color all of the white \platforms. Along the way, you collect balls, take down enemies and even collect energy balls. The game can be fun and addicting to play. It also carries some serious HD graphics which add to the already enjoyable gameplay.


Octodad is cool new game that features an octopus acting like a human being. The game's theme focuses on destruction, deception and even fatherhood. Now, how those three things actually make for a good game. It's up to you to find out. One thing's for sure though, even though there are some really weird storylines going on. The game is quite fun to play. The game was created by several students at DePaul University in Chicago. It was started last June and developed and prepped to serve as an entry for the Independent Games Festival Student Showcase at the 2011 Game Developers Conference. This journal-style, third person game is filled with funny moments, odd game controls and lots of destruction. Definitely a game worth trying out.

Mash Man

Mash Man is actually a remake of a classic NES Action 52 cartridge game. Redone by Curtis Kling, the developer creates his own take on this classic game that features a grape masher that uses his feet to mash grapes and create wine. Of course, all should be well and dandy for our masher until the townsfolk decided to buy themselves fancy machines to mash the grapes. The machines prove to be more efficient, hence, our protagonist is banished into the nearby forest to live in exile. For those of you that are unfamiliar, Action 52 was actually an NES cartridge touted as having 52 games in one. Despite the hype, the games contained plenty of errors and bugs subsequently, it was discontinued. Fast forward today and a group of game developers have taken up the task to remake these not-so-great classics and at least turn them into something slightly more tasteful. Mash Man is among the results. Check it out for yourself.

Magic Planet Snack

Here's another wizard you can learn to love. Magic Planet Snack is a colorful game that finds you playing a wizard that has accidentally turned himself into a worm. Now, you go on a quest to satisfy your hunger and devour the rest of the wizards that don't like you very much. In your journey, you end up devouring plenty of sweets and other tasty treats. You even chew your way and devour entire worlds just to quench your appetite. In the process, you gain points. Magic Planet Snack features fun and pastel bright colors. It also has a fun gameplay that anybody can enjoy off the bat. The actual storyline is a bit morbid (read it here) but thank god, the developers don't really dwell on it that much. Anyway, this'll certainly give you a good time for an hour or two.

Cut & Paste

Cut & Paste isn't your typical sidescroller game. This cute and engaging game was actually a finalist in IGF China 2010. The game features unconventional gameplay, where players will need to cut and paste objects in order to complete puzzles and obstacles. In the game, you can use a handrawn character to move from left to right. The entire game is like a big flipbook and your character can jump from one page to the next. You can also go back several pages if you need to. As you go through the pages, you sometimes encounter pictures that are of a different shade; you can cut these and keep it in your inventory. Easily paste it onto another page that requires the item that you obtained. Definitely a cool game you should try out.