Point and Click

Virtual Table Tennis 3D

Here we have yet another offering for all the sport-lovers out there. Virtual Table Tennis 3D is a perfect offering for casual gamers as well as for the high on competition fanatics, all complete with rich graphics and sound. Developed by Clapfoot Inc., the game has been rated as "Top Developer" on the Android Market, which is quite a feat in itself. Virtual Table Tennis 3D is a great time-killer and sure to be enjoyed by all.

Guns’n’Glory WW2

Soldiers, the time has come to tie-your-laces and load the guns. Yes, it is time for war and full destruction of enemy forces. Guns'n'Glory WW2 is another awesome war-combat game, but this time around with its own awesome twist. Created by a top developer on the Android Market, Handy Games has brought to life some of the most entertaining titles on the scene today. With Guns'n'Glory, they have outdone themselves altogether.

Crazy Basketball

Another crazy, fun, and casual gaming session has invaded the iOS platform and it is called Crazy Basketball. This one takes the cake as far as casual gaming goes with a heady mix of smooth gameplay, cute characters, cartoon animations, groovy in-game music and plethora of unlock-ables. Developed by Yogamen Inc., the company already has quite an impressive variety of releases for the iOS gamers and does quite a commendable job with Crazy Basketball.


If you are one of those competitive junkies with a hunger for outdoing your foe then Stardunk is a perfect game for you. Developed by Godzilab, it comes with a heady mix of action, great graphics, concentration, and rivals from all corners of the globe. In the game, you are situated in the Milky-Way and your prime objective is to dunk the basketball in the net. No players, no basketball courts. Just a basketball, a net and your fingers to slay the competition.

Jetpack Joyride

If you loved and adored the Fruit Ninja saga, then the same developers have got a fully loaded fun game back to iOS, just for you. Jetpack Joyride is the offering that will keep players hooked to their device for hours at a time. Created by Halfbrick, the game will surely be riding on the success of the Fruit Ninja frenzy. But as the developers has received a very positive response for Jetpack Joyride when it comes to the seamless gameplay that has been so well integrated within the app, you will not leave disappointed. Developed by Halfbrick, the game will surely be riding on the success of the Fruit Ninja frenzy. Also, Halfbrick has received a very positive response for Jetpack Joyride for the seamless gameplay that has been so well integrated and does not disappoint at all.

Wolf Toss

Another fun and epic rip-off? Yes, you guessed it right, Angry Birds. Developers seem to have gone bonkers with the entire concept created by Rovio and some have manged to offer something at par with Angry Birds. Wolf Toss is just one of the examples. Created by Zipline Games, the developer has just made a foray in the Android scene with Wolf Toss and they have done quite an impressive job with their first offering. The game mashes up the gameplay of Angry Birds and the storyline of "The Three Little Pigs".

Conquest of Elysium II

Conquest of Elysium II is one game that is sure to take old-time gamers down-the-memory lane, and make them relive the pleasure of gaming without having a high-end rig. So who is this game meant for? Well, not for the hi-def gaming fans, but for point-and-click fans, with a love for objectives and hours of endless fun with a bit of strategic thinking thrown-in here and there. Developed by Illwinter, the same developer who have churned out exciting titles like Dominions, Dominions II, Dominions 3, and is currently busy updating Conquest of Elysium 3.

Fly Bird HD 2.0

iOS has largely become a hardcore gaming platform, but casual gamers can still get their dose of fun with Fly Bird HD 2.0, which defines casual gaming in the best possible way. Developed by BlueOnionSoft, known for the best in casual gaming, Fly Bird is a mix of Brick-breaker, Angry Birds, and Jewel Tetris. Yup, a classic combination. Detailed reasoning after the break.

Glass Pong

Yet another fun, casual, time-killer game hits the iOS platform and this one is called, Glass Pong. Yes, you heard it right. The game is very basic and there is nothing hardcore about it, so there are no gimmicks, only visually appealing graphics, tough gameplay, zombies, adrenaline pumping speed and the works. Developed by Sigma Communications, a Japan based company, Glass Pong is a quintessential animated game with a typical Japanese touch, noticed especially in gameplay, sounds, music and environments.