Point and Click

Jurassic Park Builder

Jurassic Park Builder by Ludia is based upon the popular film series. If you ever wanted to build your own park with dinosaurs, this is your chance to do it for free. The game setup is similar to that of Tap Zoo and Farmville. Here you have to build a park for dinosaurs. The objective is to make money and manage the resources. The dinos make you money that have to be collected, and you than have to use the income to buy vegetables, meat and other necessities. If the animals are well taken care of, they will grow and attract more visitors.

3D Bowling

After covering all types of sport games on our website, finally there is an offering for the Bowling lovers. 3D Bowling is one-of-the-best bowling titles to have made an appearance on the Android platform. The game offers crisp visuals with intuitive and smooth gameplay acting as the icing on the cake. Created by Italy Games, the developer has various games belonging to different genres under their kitty and certainly will not disappoint gamers with today's offering.

Fantasy Town

Love creating your very own world and giving it your own personal touch? Or Are you rather the type who loves playing Cityvile? Whatever may the game be, Fantasy Town is surely a game that will keep you smiling for endless hours. Brought to life by Gameloft, this developer has really kicked the gaming scene on Android & iOS to the next level. Gameloft has produced some of the greates titles in the history of mobile gaming, such as the Price of Persia: Warrior Within, Assassins Creed, Asphalt Series and more. Fantasy Town is a free game and definitely one of the yummiest till date.

Stardom: The A list

Social-networking games gave a new face to the gaming industry with the advent of developers such as Zynga on Facebook. Here onward, there has been no turning back. And now it is Stardom: The A-List that has come to invade our smartphones and with the number of titles already lurking around, will this game be able to hold ground? Created by Glu Mobile, a developer that has proved its mettle on both Android and iOS platform and still manages to surprise us with every new release, Stardom takes us on a quest to become a real celebrity!

Save Ass Shooter

Want to feel like a hero by saving people? Yes, this is your chance to be a hero without a superhero costume or a cape, courtesy of Save Ass Shooter. The game is very simple and packs-in hours of fun with great responsive physic based dolls. Developed by Addicting Games, this developer is an all new entrant to the Android market scence, but nonetheless has churned up an interesting game for us.


This is one game that has always featured on my classic list and there will be many who have played it endlessly on their PCs. Yes, the game we are talking about is 'Plumber'. In this game, players need to connect various pipes and let the water flow seamlessly without any loopholes. Developed by Monsters Game, these developers have a specialty for casual arcade games. Though their game Plumber has garnered the highest number of downloads till date.


Here is a cute little game with its own twist of Good vs Evil. HeavenHell features a cute, round and fluffy angel and a similar looking devil, painted in Evil Red. The game's architecture is physics-based and will appeal to gamer of every kind. Kiddies might just keep smiling, everytime this game is launched. Developed by Nelphy Games, the game does not have any concept or a definite storyline, it is present just for the entertainment value and it surely does provide the player with a lot of just that.


In the past week, we have seen a spur in the rise of casual gaming, but at at the end of the day, developers do bow down to the hardcore HD gaming fanatics. Well, so this is it, Overkill. This game is a premium game without any lousy price tags. It is free, yes, once you have played and experienced the game, you would probably whack yourself to believe it. Developed by Craneballs Studios, makers of the highly rated SuperRope, Overkill is a class apart compared to that. It is violent, brutal, tricky, visually appealing, intuitive and with high customization options. The game has been around for quite awhile on iOS and finally it makes a landing on Android.

Smurfs’ Village

Smurfs is a well known big franchisee and the little blue species are adored for their cuteness quotient. Now it is time to stay connected to them and play with them on your Android and iOS device. Smurfs' Village has finally invaded the smartphone ecosystem so grab a download and enter this one crazy blue world. Created by Beeline Interactive, this developer has a huge kitty of games under-their-belt but it is the Smurfs' Village will appeal greatly to all the Smurfs loyalist and hardcore fans.