Animal Collective

St Ranger: Life Coach

After joining several bands on their own, former highschool mates Andy Phipps, Jake Ashton, Bruce Kimura, Jakeob Ewell and Jeff Taylor met up again and decided to create their own band, St Ranger. Echoing a beach rock vibe with beautiful harmonies, the band first got together back in 2010. Since then, they've released a two track compilation, Ohnowoe, and this short but charming EP, Life Coach.

The New Mystikal Troubadours: Second Spring

Made up of duo, Dave Gibson and Matt Persinzki; The New Mysitkal Troubadours will help complete your relaxing afternoon with its trippy and soothing folk sound. Second Spring is the second compilation from this Baltimore, Maryland duo.Their first self-titled album was released back in 2009 and garnered a positive response as well. Much like their first, this second album is mostly comprised of weird stringed instruments, trippy vocals and lovely (almost undecipherable) melodies.

Fauve! Gegen A Rhino

Fauve! Gegen A Rhino is an experimental electronic, noise band. Their sound is a mixture of unusual sounds, guitar distortions, weird chimes and occasional haunting/cryptic vocals. This is the second official release from the three piece crew. Made up of Andrea, Matteo and Riccardo; this eclectic, electronic noise rock trio have members that are all in their early 20s. Despite the young age, they create a sound that is unique and encompasses a multitude of genres. If you love electronic pop or pretty much anything that can be characterized as an odd combination of sound, noise, bits and bobs; take a listen.

Yawn: a new EP from the windy city

I know there is more genres of music than many of us can even count but listening to the new EP by Yawn I am thinking we should probably add a new one the list, just this once. Yawn (formerly known as Metrovox) uses a combination of tropical grooves, tribal rhythms, energetic drum loops, just a touch of 8-bit, and some great guitar all dressed in a electro pop and psychedelic finish. Often compared by the blogosphere to the music of Animal Collective, the band consists of Adam Gil, Daniel Perzan, Jorge Perez, Sam Wolf and already has a number of success stories behind their work.

San Miguel: Primavera Sound Music 2011

Tents, amazing food, crazy outfits, dancing, drinking, and great music that turns thousands of people into your soon-to-be closest new friends; sounds like a ready-made vacation. And if you want to feel like a part of this summer music festival 'movement' be sure to check out the new mix from Primavera Sound. Since crossing into the new year the Primavera Festival already released its preliminary lineup for 2011, and as many of the artists also have some of their mp3s available on the Free Music Archive, Primavera Sound put together a little free album of what is coming up this year.