Brandon McCormick

The Watchmaker’s Son

Close this season of love with The Watchmaker's Son, a heartwarming treat for the whole family. Produced by Whitestone Motion Pictures under the direction of Brandon McCormick, this short film revolves around the concept of pursuing one's dream and the desire to be loved. It tells the story of a watchmaker who thrives to make a watch worthy of his father's approval, little did he know that the only thing his father wants was a little bit of his time.

That’s Magic!

Brilliant as always, Whitestone Motion Pictures once again dazzles our eyes with That's Magic! This 14-minute musical revolves around a disenchanted magician who comes face to face with his own self doubt about magic in the world. A mysterious woman enters revealing the true meaning of magic, far from what the magician had originally conceived. This musical offers an antidote to its garish mainstream counterparts. The story is cleverly penned, it's concise but still captures the soul message of the short--that there's magic around us.

Jack and the Dustbowl

Tired of the same old shows? Jack and the Dustbowl will not disappoint those who are looking for a good movie fix. Written and directed by Brandon McCormick, it tells the story of Jack Spriggs, a poor farmer from Alabama who intends to keep his family's land. Even during the time of the great depression and record heat waves, Jack refuses to leave and instead tries to dig for hope.

Blood On My Name (2011)

I have written about work of the team from the Whitestone Motion Pictures before, and I am pretty sure I will write about them again... and again. The reason? They create some of the most outstanding and visually stimulating short films I have seen coming from boutique film company. Their latest creation, Blood On My Name, is a masterfully crafted dramatic western, centered on the theme of forgiveness and redemption, with just a touch of singing that will surely generate some unexpected goosebumps.