creative commons album

Telepathic Teddy Bear: Reactions

Reactions is one of those records you can put on in a cool house party and leave it playing for a good long time. It's filled with both fun and energetic dance beats as well as quiet electronic pop songs. Telepathic Teddy Bear is actually the pet project of Juan Carlos Padilla; a Mexican singer-songwriter from Monterrey, Nuevo León but currently based in Boston. The artist has been active in the local Monterrey music scene for some time but it wasn't until late 2010 where he finally managed to release his first EP under the moniker. Reactions is his first full length album. It's a wonderful mix of pop, electronica and indiepop meant for casual listening.

Idbs: It Has To Be Done

Normally, most artists would be excited to share their thoughts, ideas, influences etc. about their music, but not Idbs. In fact, he makes sure to let the people know this by tacking a polite but straightforward note on his Jamendo page stating: This text is useless as the music speaks better of the artist than itself. True enough, the music does communicate itself very well. The album is a beautiful mix of acoustic, folk, pop and even rock & roll. It's a gorgeous album beaming with soulful guitar driven love songs with the occasional and unexpected touch of alternative grunge.

Bomb The Music Industry!: Vacation

Known not just for their upbeat indie rock offerings but also for their ethos, Bomb The Music Industry! is back with their latest record - Vacation. Abbreviated as BTMI!, the group has been together for some time. They've released several records and are known to be firm believers of distributing their own music. Following their DIY credo, the guys distribute their music for free and are known to perform only for a general audience while not charging more than $10 for the ticket price. With their mix of punk, pop and fun indie rock; Vacation is impressing both fans and new listeners alike. Take a listen.

Astma: There Will Be a McDonald’s

Listening to Astma is like going on a really weird and wacky ride. It's filled with noises, words, and layers upon layers of sound that you can't make out of. Despite all this chaos, there is an awesome gem hiding inside. There Will Be a McDonald's is a complicated mixture of sound that even some noise rockers might not get. The duo behind this eclectic cacophony is drummer and vocalist, Olga Nosova (Motherfathers), and industrial/electronic maestro, Alexei Borisov. They first teamed up for the effort back in 2009 and since then have collaborated with various artists, poets & musicians to create a unique studio as well as live experience.

Paper Plane Pilots: Demo 2009

Thanks to a knack for incorporating a fun, energy-filled vibe to their songs, Paper Plane Pilots don't have much of a problem making their listeners enjoy their music. This Paris-based group bring together an upbeat indie punk alternative vibe to their songs; infuse it with catchy rhythms and really fun lyrics to win their audiences. Demo 2009 is obviously a few years old but it still deserves good exposure. Influenced mainly by the American alternative band scene, the guys take after their heroes to create an 8-track demo filled with punchy cuts worth bouncing around to.

Equals Conquest: Rummager

With such a big sound, you would think that Equals Conquest was at least a 3 or 4 man band. The fact is, there's only two of them hitting all the instruments, writing, singing and mixing the tracks. The band is made up of I.m.i.x. Shish and Mike Mollura both former members of the Reading, PA hardcore punk band, Afterglow. What initially started as a solo effort for I.m.i.x. Shish, the band quickly become a collaboration; resulting in a sonic soundscape of noise, rock and a whole hodge podge of sound. If you enjoy unusual music, ones that are a bit difficult to classify as belonging to any particular genre; then this might be the album for you. Give it a try.

Mr. & Mrs. Smith: A Collector’s Guidebook

Mr. & Mrs. Smith is not a spy duo making music on the side, it's actually the pet project of model and songwriter, Hollis Smith. The album is a very low key folk record that's perfect for bundling up beside the fireplace on a cold, winter day. This 10 track album is only one of several compilations already released by the artist. Although the songs are quite simple, there's a certain mysterious aura that circles most of the tracks. It's this beauty that makes the album worth listening to over and over again. Play it as background music as you read or as you work, it's certainly a wonderful piece to complement your day.

Apache Dropout by Apache Dropout (Promo EP)

Carrying the torch of indie pop rock, Apache Dropout adds some extra cool retro vibe to spice up their personal sound. This six track promo EP sounds like it was unearthed from some 60s traveller's suitcase. Filled with jaunty, The Doors sounding tunes; the album is a great delight to listen to especially if you love retro rock music. Apache Dropout hails from Bloomington, Indiana. The band is made up of Nathan Warrick, Sonny Alexandre and Seth Mahern. Together, they have released several short albums and hopefully there's more to come from this talented trio.