creative commons album

Willy’s Big Bang Theory Magic Revue: Cradle

Willy's Big Bang Theory Magic Revue (WBBTMR) is definitely a long name for a band. Luckily, even though their name is a mouthful, their music is quite good. This eclectic rock and roll blues band is actually just made of one permanent member, Will (I'm not sure what this guy's last name is.) He's also a member of garage, punk group, The Wild Dishes. For his WBBTMR side project though, he enlists the help of his musician friends. These friends dropped drum parts, a guitar lick or two etc., and helped create this soaring album. Take a listen and get in touch with your inner blues rocker.

Automaton: Clarions And Banners

Automaton is an interesting collective from Seattle, USA. Clarions and Banners is their second compilation since they formed back in 1998. Initially known as Automaton Adventure Series, they decided to keep the moniker simple and went with just Automaton for their recent releases. Creating a fusion of alternative indie rock with slight touches of noise, the group admits to being heavily influenced by Sonic Youth and Fugazi but they have slowly deviated and discovered their sound. This is a beautiful record that resonates with charm and energy. Take a listen.

Jumy: Every day is the First Day

This set is a collection of acoustic folk pop songs from Frenchman, jumy. Every Day is the First Day mixes masterful guitar strumming with southern harmonica and some peppy tune. It reminds me of a quiet summer getaway where you just sit down with friends, sing along and play guitar. Nice relaxing sounds. This the second release from the artist. His first album, de bric et de broc, is also a compilation of folk pop songs played in his beautifully embellished guitar and recorded in his makeshift home studio. The album is available as a free download on Jamendo and licensed under a creative commons license.

Mandate of Heaven: Hun in the Sun

This is the second time these boys from Syracuse, NY are making an appearance here at Frostclick. Their more recent album, The Next Valley Over was featured last July. Hun in the Sun is one of the older Mandate of Heaven albums, but it's nevertheless, still a goodie. The album is laced with beautiful instruments and sweet vibes throughout. Mandate of Heaven is fronted by Greg Pier, who also uses the same moniker for his solo performances once in awhile. The record might be a few years old but it's still a must-listen for those who love progressive rock with a slight retro feel to it. Beautiful album to check out.

Silver Rocket: Silver Rocket

Italian band Silver Rocket is making plenty of good noise in the indie music scene. Ever since releasing their five song self-titled EP last November 2010, the three-piece crew has been gaining plenty of interest. Creating a punk and alternative concoction that is catchy and enjoyable; this 26 minute EP is released under German netlabel, afmusic , and offered absolutely free. Enjoy a great blend of garage rock with heartstopping beats, dirty guitars and straight out rock and roll. You can grab the download here by hitting the Download Album link or the image. You can also get it from the afmusic website. It's not earth-shattering but it's certainly worth it.

Friction!: If You Turn Around You’ll See Me

Looking for the perfect background music to spend your quiet, moody mornings to? Give Friction! a try. The group is actually a one-man band composed of Swedish native, Pierre Björklund. The artist sings, writes, records and produces his own music. Currently, he's associated and signed onto Bakery Allstars Inc.; a non-profit organization that aims to release and share music, art or films to anybody who wants it. If You Turn Around You'll See Me is a moody, atmospheric album that's filled with piano laced tracks. It's perfect if you feel like relaxing or maybe reflecting on some of the more serious things in life. The compilation is offered free on Jamendo but you can also purchase the singles on iTunes to support the singer.

Plastic People: Pink Narcissus

Listening to Plastic People at first may seem weird. However, with the weird accent, folksy and gypsy 80s style sound, it's hard not to notice this band's unique sound. The group hails from France and are currently unsigned. Manned by Frenchman, Sèbastien Ficagna, who is basically the one-man crew of Plastic People. This sophomore album reflects a hipster indie 80s vibe throughout the record. The songs are danceable and easy to like even at first listen. To top it off, the vocals echo a Robert Smith feel which adds to the cool, retro sound. Great album to check out.

Fall Walk Run: Throwing It All Away

One of my most favorite discovery this year, Fall Walk Run makes me want to run around and frolick in a beautiful sea of grass and flowers. Throwing It All Away is the debut EP for the duo. Made up of Lawrence Harvey and Stuart Eaves, this acoustic duo hails from Wolverhampton, England. Their debut is a beautiful compilation of indie acoustic pop music that is catchy and easy to listen to. Inspired by artists like Jason Mraz, Ben Lee and Feist; the duo seems set in soaring high this year. With music this good, it's hard not to think they might just make it.

Daniel Berges & The Windsurfers – Drop By Drop

Daniel Berges & The Windsurfers comes out with their debut album, Drop By Drop. The record is a beautiful mix of pop, punk rock, alternative and a bit of jazzy blues. The group first got together back in August of 2010. Since then, they've been steadily performing live gigs that are known to "raise the temperature." Drop By Drop is the first album for the group and so far they are making quite an impression. Experimenting with pop, rock, blues and even jazz; the band is eager to show what they're capable of. The album is available as a free download on Jamendo and licensed under Creative Commons. Give it a listen.