Thanks to advancements in technology, we can now experience gaming at its best, with great game engines that render realistic looking characters and scenes. However, occasionally, we like to relax and simply enjoy watching a fat, jobless guy in a Batman suit fight crime. Such is the premise for The Adventures of Fatman.

The game was created back in May 2003 by Michael Doak. It’s a point and click 2D adventure game that follows the exploits of hero Fatman as he tries to protect Shadowlawn from evildoers.

Initially,  The Adventure of Fatman was released as a commercial game but when Socko Entertainment (its makers) closed down in late 2003, the makers released the game under a creative commons license. Plans for a sequel was mentioned after Socko! Entertainment reopened back in 2007 but so far no word has been released about the sequel.

In the game, you get to play Fatman. The top crime fighter in Shadowlawn. The only problem is that the crime rate in the land has plummeted so much that Fatman is left spending his time on his “Fatcave” in front of the tube and stuffing himself with cheese puffs and twinkies. However, his life is about to get a bit interesting again, thanks to a super villain (who has no apparent super powers) Toxicman.

The game is essentially a point and click game that features good quality 2D graphics. Like older games, it’s very simple to play, all you need to do is to walk up to someone and click them if you want to talk or say something. There are also buttons for saving and quitting. The game runs very smooth with hardly any problems at all.

The Adventures of Fatman provides over 30 locations as well as puzzles that range in difficulty. The sound effects, dialog and voice overs suit the game design and characters perfectly that it’s hard to ask for more when everything already seems to have been well thought of.

Overall, any gamer who loves to laugh and have fun at the same time, will definitely get a kick out of trying this game out.

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