Studebaker’s Blacksmith Shop is a rock, indie alternative band that packs a lot of punch. This German band has a nice raspy voiced female for a vocalist and an equally intriguing set of musicians backing her up.

Nebula is the group’s first full length debut and was recorded some time in 2008. Apart from this compilation, they also have a three track self titled EP which is also available for free download under a creative commons license. For this record, however, the group releases 10 powerful, alternative rock cuts that are catchy and contain plenty of substance.

The band is made up of Kerstin Kerstin Dietl (Vocals), Alexander Dübell (Guitars), Joe Kirsch (Bass), and Uli Eggerbauer (Drums). Nebula opens up with the alternative rock number, Merry Goes Around. This one begins with Kerstin’s powerful voice taking center stage. She’s then joined in with some thrashy guitars and great beats.

Meanwhile, Good Man is a more mellow track but it still has that alternative edge to it. The production values for this song and for the record is really good. It’s hard not to like the album based on its quality alone. Met Twice is probably one of the more louder cuts in the record. It’s fast, driven, and features wonderful instrument work. The vocals are still top notch and highlights the beauty of the songs even more.

According to their Jamendo Page, the album was recorded underground, inside a bunker. It was produced by the band along with Victor Bullok on April of 2008.

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