Get caught up in ‘the wind’, get caught up on Josh Sizemore‘s awesome debut.

This 23-year-old Nashville prodigy’s taking a bite out of the folk scene, as he releases his EP, The Wind. Opening for the likes of Shovels & Rope, Brooke Waggoner, and War Jacket, Josh is now taking center stage, and his four-track offering simply dazzles.

Starting off is the guitar-driven “Aliens“, where our hero puts himself in the shoes of our extraterrestrial friends to, well, justify his analogy to a budding romance. It’s one sweet folk fodder that’s too good to pass.

The progressive rhythms of “Through and Through” follow suit, and gets better as the drums kick in on the second verse. We bet this would some phenomenal(er) when performed live, as the case with the piano-infused “Gosh“, which by now, has perfected that syrupy formula.

The ending track, “Beauty That I See“, is a stark, gloomy contrast to the shine of the previous songs, but still retains that intense, lovelorn feeling that keeps Josh and his contemporaries fueled.

We are so ready for more.

Track listing:
1. Aliens
2. Through and Through
3. Gosh
4. Beauty That I See

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