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Life Fortress Volcabamba

Life Fortress Volcabamba is an interesting game that you might want to look into. Apart from the tongue twister title, the game offers a cool gameplay and a fun classic style. Created using a popular Japanese programming language called, Hot Soup Processor (HSP,) it showcases a classic feel similar to the MSX games back in the day. The shooter game features six levels that will give you quite a challenge. Hence, if you have a good amount of spare time and willing to take on a semi-hardcore Japanese game, then this is one to check out.

Technobabylon Part III

Technobabylon Part III is an interesting game and the third installment from the series. If you haven't heard of it yet, then let me give you a brief background. The game is set in a world where internet addicts, terrorists and conspiracies reign supreme. A bomber is on the loose and you play as a Doctor trying to piece together everything. This puzzle platformer is coupled with great writing and a very cool gameplay. With this third installment, developers are hoping to maintain the consistency between the other two games. Why not go ahead and give this one a go?


Myrktorch is an interesting game that has a title that's as tough to pronounce as its gameplay. The game was created for the Ludlum Dare 2o challenge. It's an event where participants are encouraged to create a game within 48 hours. The event was created by Geoff Howland and has been holding a competition since April 2002. This cool 2D platformer was created by Gustav Kilman, same developer for Steambolt. In the game, you play a priest-like hero who can has to kill the undead with the help of a light halo that emanates from a torch. If you're up for a good challenge ('cause you'll definitely get one here) then grab this game now.

Rhythm Racer 2 HD

What do you get when you cross Guitar Hero with a racing game? You get Rhythm Racer 2! This fun and exciting game is just what you need to inject some entertainment on your mundane free time. The game plays like Guitar Hero in that you have to keep the song playing by hitting powerups and without getting bumped off course. It combines speed with accuracy and great music to boot. The game is available for download on the App Store and works on the iPad, iPhone and iTouch. It was created by AvatarLabs and features a fast-paced gameplay as well as great graphics. Give the game a try. It should be worth the download.


Familiar with the movie, Bolt? If yes, then you're going to adore RhinoBall. This cool game features the little hamster, Rhino, from the movie. The game is quite simple, all you need to do is control Rhino while he collects various items and head for where Bolt is. The game was initially released as a way of promoting the movie Bolt when it first came out. It's become quite a staple in the iTunes app store since then. If you're looking for something to kill time or if you want an entertaining game that even your child play, then go ahead and grab this one. It's absolutely free.


Beacon is a short, fifteen minute freeware game that lets you control a spaceman that has crashed and landed in some unknown space rock. The game might be short and features simple 2D graphics but there's something that's enjoyable and fun in playing this game. This was created for the Ludum Dare 48 game, where developers who participated had to create a game in a 48 hour deadline. Despite the game's simplicity, it features a wonderful and atmospheric mood. There's also plenty of depth in the game that makes you wish it was a little longer. Since the game was initially released, it has been polished, making it a little more faster and better than the first version. Give the game a go.

Crash Landing

Ever wonder what it must be like to drive and land your own spaceship? What controls do you need to use? Is the physics behind it all that difficult? Well, download Crash Landing and you might just find out how challenging it is to land your own space craft. This cool game is available for free download on iTunes. The game was created by and was first released about 3 years ago. The game gives players a chance to experience manipulating their own space shuttle where the objective is to land their spacecraft upright without crashing. If you're up for a challenge (and trust me, you'll get plenty of it here) then give this one a download.


Blendimals is a cute puzzle platformer where you'll need to blend various animals together to create exciting news ones. You'll then need to use the abilities of the newly created animals to overcome the various obstacles in the game. Don't be fooled by the bright, eye popping, colorful graphics; this game isn't just meant for children but it's perfect for adults and kids-at-heart as well. The game was created by DADIU production (Danish Academy for Digital Interactive Entertainment,) with 11 students manning the helm for the project. The team calls themselves the Exploding Cow. Plenty of quirkiness and lots of fun, you might want to give a go.

Tap Defense

Tap Defense pits you against monsters from the underworld who are trying to break down different barriers just to get to heaven. Offered absolutely free in the App Store, the game is considered one of the best tower defense strategy games available for free. It was created by TapJoy and since it's release it has become of the biggest, most downloaded free apps in the iTunes library. Of course, it's not just because it's offered for free that makes it great but it's actually a very addictive and entertaining strategy game. Combining strategy and good old fun, you'll certainly enjoy this one. Why not go ahead and check it out?