What do you get when you cross Guitar Hero with a racing game? You get Rhythm Racer 2! This fun and exciting game is just what you need to inject some entertainment on your mundane free time.

The game plays like Guitar Hero in that you have to keep the song playing by hitting powerups and without getting bumped off course. It combines speed with accuracy and great music to boot.

The game is available for download on the App Store and works on the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. It was created by AvatarLabs and features a fast-paced gameplay as well as great graphics.

You have to admit nothing goes as good together as rock music and fast cars. Rhythm Racer hits it spot on. It is a pretty fast-paced and exciting game. As you play, you have to maneuver your car around the race course in order to keep the music on track. There are also powerups that you must grab as you go along the course.

Use the tilt sensor on your device to make the car to turn left or right. This is pretty cool since it’s quite responsive but it can become a bit dizzying. On the other hand, the graphics are pretty good. You get a burst of color on the background and as the songs play through.

There are multiple difficulty levels in the game and it also features a full integration to OpenFeint so players can easily chat. The only real downside is that there are only a limited number of songs you can play for free. Nevertheless, the game is still perfect for short term entertainment whenever you find extra time.

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