Kawehi: TOY

Take a detour into funky town with Kawehi‘s third release entitled TOY. Currently based in L.A., the Hawaiian singer-songwriter enthralls her listeners with a one-of-a-kind pop experience—an intricate mix of catchy hooks and heartfelt lyricism.

Chris Rubeo: Ships of Sticks and Twine EP

Chris Rubeo's music is the kind you'd normally hear at some quiet coffee shop as you enjoy your cup of joe and soak in the good day. The short EP is comprised of 5 simple tracks that flourish with great harmonies, interesting instruments and a beautiful, laid back vibe. The Boston singer not only sings solo but also performs for another sweet band called, The Sparrows. Ships of Sticks and Twine was released last September 2011 and offered as a free download over at the singer's BandCamp page.

Moving Takahashi

Cuddle up with a loved one while watching Moving Takahashi, a pleasant addition to the "bad boy" romance genre. This Kickstarter-funded short film was directed by Josh Soskin, an LA-based writer/director. It stars the model-turned-actor Boyd Holdbrook and the innocent-looking Kristin Malco. The film talks about a young hustler/mover (Holdbrook) who stumbles upon a suicidal daughter (Malco) while moving furniture out of a posh LA home. The mover's original plan of robbery changed in a rare fit of conscience to help the dying girl.

Sad Little Men

Created as a thesis film; Sad Little Men is a dramatic story about jealousy and how chance circumstances can create a complicated web of events. The film is a short one, with less than 20 minutes running time and stars Jason Ralph & Will Whatley. Behind the scenes is Samuel Aaron Bennett; doing majority of the work from directing, writing, scoring, shooting and editing. With only $1500 from Kickstarter donations, production was started and a 3-4 day shoot was planned in NYC to create this raw yet compelling short film.

Robin Sloans Annabel Scheme – free novella download licensed under Creative Commons

Robin Sloan, a San Fransisco-based writer best known for his short stories and writing at culture blog Snarkmarket, recently completed work on his first novella, Annabel Scheme. Sloan used Kickstarter, a social fundraising platform, to garner patrons for Annabel Scheme prior to publishing. By offering a number of incentive levels with varying amenities, Sloan was able to raise just shy of $14,000 for the project over $10,000 more than he had originally asked.