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Can Knockdown

Miss going to the carnival and playing those standard carnie games? Well, here's your chance to bring the fun wherever you are or simply satisfy your nostalgia for the old times. Can Knockdown is the electronic version of those throw-a-ball-on-a-stack-of-bottles carnival game that you might remember playing as a kid. The game is created by Infinite Games. The company is no newbie to the world of portable gaming, having released several games in different platforms like Symbian, PPC, Palm, and even N-Gage. For their iPhone and iPad game titles, the list includes Sky Force and Sky Force Reloaded, iQuarium, Sailboat Championship and among others.

Pucca’s Restaurant

Pucca's Restaurant is one of those game that's so hard to put down. Not only does it feature a familiar (and quite popular) character, it also incorporates great gameplay to the mix. The game puts you in the shoes of a cute little Korean girl who is aspiring to become one of the best chefs around. You start off as a mere underling and have to work your way up the ladder in a 5-star restaurant. You can slowly reach your goal by keeping customers happy and serving them great dishes. Like most sim games, this one provides tons of fun features. Worth checking out if you'd like something to get busy with during your spare time.

Victory March

Victory March is a fun side platformer that has you playing as a war hero. You can take your pick in playing an American soldier or as a Soviet one. The main goal is to simply jump from one platform to the next while killing enemy soldiers. Developed by Anton Butsev, the game features a very addictive gameplay that will make you want to play for hours on end. It's certainly a great game that's worth checking out. Best part is that the game is offered absolutely free on the Mac App Store. It might be simple but ultimately, it does the job in keeping you entertained for a good couple of hours.