MusE is a free audio and MIDI sequencer for Linux. Developed by Werner Schweer and now handled by the MusE Team, it is a comprehensive audio program and has many features that you would normally find in an expensive digital audio workstation. It has many features for MIDI and audio sequencing and a host of new technologies are supported too.

Battle Circus

Exploding performances and complex, ambitious arrangements pretty much describe Battle Circus. Originally from New Zealand, the band has relocated to the US in 2010 to focus in spreading their sound and touring the continent. No strangers to the festival circuit, the boys have also performed plenty of awesome sets in support of Amanda Palmer and Gary Numan. This self-titled record carries 10 progressive cuts including two remastered tracks from their debut EP, The Half Light Symphony.

Kit Oh Nein!: KON!

Feel-good psych punk with a touch of indie rock is one way to describe Kit Oh Nein!'s music. The three piece band hails from Detroit/NYC and seems to know their way around the sound. Led by frontman Ryan Milligan from The Hotwalls, KON! (an acronym of the band's name) is the group's debut record. The album contains 10 tracks that run circles around punk, pop, and psychedelic indie rock. Enveloped in raw energy as well as a hazy indie rock club vibe, it's hard to believe the entire set of tracks were recorded in only 3 days. This is one of those debut albums worth checking out if you like dirty, cerebral indie punk rock.

Nude: Love

Nude is a progressive rock band that's not ashamed to play with their tempo, instruments, vocals and mood. Working together for less than a decade, the group is made up of four musicians who are heavily influenced by such prominent alternative, indie and progressive rock bands like  Sonic Youth, Radiohead and Genesis. These four Frenchmen create a mix of moody prog and alternative rock with an overall moody and pensive vibe. This one is certainly worth a listen especially if you adore Tool and the other bands mentioned above.

Paul Lisak & After The Ice – It Happens All the Time

Mashing old school rock with today's synth pop rock, tied with engaging vocals to match. Paul Lisak and After the Ice is definitely a band that's worth waiting for. Channeling both mainstream and indie at the same time, they reach a niche that few ever make. Their mix of psychedelia and indie rock along with easily likable rhythms and beats makes them an easy band to like. It Happens All the Time is the band's debut EP and comprises 4 solid tracks that embody what the band is capable of.