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Zaimah: The Collective Mixtape EP

You have your soul albums, and then you have your neo-soul ones. On the upper echelon of the latter (in our opinion, ‘course) is Zaimah‘s latest release, The Collective, a mixtape EP which serves as her return to form after a two-year hiatus. Well, it was worth the wait!

The Suits: Navy

Better get your “suits” on, because we’re in for a lot of good tunes! Electro-rock acts are in so much abundance nowadays, you can’t really tell which is which. Luckily, for The Suits, their sound is distinct and sonic enough to stand up among their peers.

Ray Sytes: Guyanese Pride

Ray Sytes came to America from Guyana as a young child with his family like most immigrants for the American Dream. It's here in America that his love for Hip Hop music grew as well as his talent for the art form. He's proud to represent the cities of Brooklyn and Queens in New York with his musical talent.