Being the best doesn’t mean you have to be on top of the charts all the time. If there’s one MC that deserves a good solid rep for being one of the finest, then no doubt it has to be Wordsmith. Hence, it’s no wonder why this guy keeps showing his face in this website.

After a run of successful mixtapes like Vintage Vault Mixtape and Overdue and Underrated to name a few, he’s back in his game. This time, he is releasing a full length album, Vintage Experience, today – March 30th.

Being a military kid has its pros and cons. Wordsmith was born to a Colonel father which meant that traveling was a staple early on in his life. Of all the places that he managed to discover the world of Hip Hop, it was his second trip to Germany that turned his ears to a love for hip hop music. The artists he listened to varied from Run DMC, Public Enemy and even digital underground. Music from these artists and genre has shaped Wordsmith’s material, shaping it and molding it into his own preference.

Wordsmith-Frostwire-Vintage Experience Video Drop from Wordsmith on Vimeo.

Starting off his career by releasing a collaboration album with legend Chubb Rock, Word pretty much went on a roll after that. Releasing one mixtape after another under his belt. Vintage Experience is his latest album release and it’s out in digital music stores today!

The album contains 20 smooth rap tracks that any listener can enjoy. The tracks were engineered at Nu Revolution Entertainment LCC. Mixing and mastering of the album was done with prominent underground producers like Capish, Strada, Streel Level and his brother Professa.
You can get 5 tracks from “Vintage Experience” free by clicking on the download link above.

Among the first singles released from the album is Tour Guide to New Bride. It’s a strong track that grabs your attention off the bat. It narrates of how he meets his wife, and again, his lucid storytelling and excellent play of words as well as catchy beats is a big factor in making this song work.

A music video for the single (below) was directed by D dot Films and released to compliment the releasing of Vintage Experience.

Another prominent single from the album is Hook up Hotline produced by Strada. The track has been enjoying massive success in Internet downloads and winning over new Wordsmith fans everyday. Again, Word exhibits how he can create great music without trying very hard. Old school hip hop is definitely at its best when it comes to this guy.

Vintage Experience is an album that brings back fond memories of 90s hip hop, where MCs cruised around the streets, relaxing and having some good clean fun (none of the hip gangsta wannabe that’s drowned the industry lately). The album consists of tracks composed and recorded by Word from 2006-2009. If you want to purchase the full album, head to Amazon or iTunes for an instant download.

With a degree in theater, Wordsmith certainly knows how to captivate his audience, whether its with his spot on lyrical skills, his catchy and dancy beats to his feel good musical image, this guy can “wow” the crowd whether performing in big arenas or small clubs. Touted as the act “next to blow,” his album has a huge potential of taking Wordsmith’s music from being one of the internet’s hot downloads to the top of the national charts.

If you want to find out more about Wordsmith and learn more behind the scenes facts about the album, make sure to watch the interview with Wordsmith Part I, Part II & Part III.

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