Ever since their start, Cut Records has become a musical haven for anybody looking for some awesome electronic ambient releases. The best part is that each of their releases is available as a free or ‘pay with a tweet’ download. Truly a great treat.

This time around, they’re featuring Sigmafly’s first release under the label, Tetrachrome EP. Filled with 7 moody electronic singles; it mixes atmospheric beats with carefully chosen samples.

Sigmafly is the moniker for Manchester-based Tom Holmes. For this compilation, he incorporates various aesthetics, even borrowing from Cut artists like Great Skies to create this stunning piece that should be worth checking out.

Opening subtly, the album starts with, And We Begin With Color. The cut mixes piano work with bits of samples here and there. Although it’s not an in-your-face-track, it does manage to stay within the confines of your attention. It carefully provides you with a gentle and cool hug as you begin listening to the record.

Other tracks like Radio Sleep are dreamy, giving off that faint midnight-run atmosphere. This is the longest cut on the album. There’s something weirdly spectral about it; makes you feel as if you’re floating and running at the same time. On the other hand, title track Tetrachrome is a nice blend of semi-upbeat melancholia and spacey rhythm. Occasionally, you’ll hear sample singing in the background which adds to the mystical feel of the track.

Overall, the record becomes another great addition to the Cut Music roster. Sigmafly’s sound is enchanting on its own and definitely generates a great mood. If you enjoyed all of the other Cut music releases, this one will be a shoe in for your playlist as well. Grab the download.

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