After Hers Was As Thunder, here’s another stellar compilation from Wildlight titled The Tide. David Sugalski (a.k.a. The Polish Ambassador) and Ayla Nereo charm their way again with 12 tracks of electro, atmosphere-driven music that creates magic in our ears.

Listening to Wildlight’s sound is like being transported into a jungle of eclectic influences, where individuality and creativity thrive┬áin every corner. The Polish Ambassador and Nereo’s talents jibe like two puzzles pieces that fit perfectly.

Opening track, Rain, ignites our ears with layers over layers of Nereo’s atmospheric vocals interwoven with smooth, dark-hued electro melodies. Subtle upbeat notes add a boost of energy to this enchanting sonic piece.

Crucible explores unique musical territories where folk and electronica meet to create a unique, yet refreshing sonic flavor. Move Like an Ocean, on the other hand, is an amalgam of eccentricities from quirky chime keys to long, ambient electronic tunes on the background.


A personal favorite, I Could Write features funky electro melodies and soothing violin that breathe life to well-penned lyrics. Listen as Nereo delivers poetic verses such as “I could write of the broken tables upturned, broken china/ in my insides broken windows/ And I could write of a wrinkled letter/posted stabbing folded/ yesteryear, holding on/ But would it serve you?”

Wildlight never fails to exceed our expectation when it comes to going out and beyond musical stereotypes. The duo keeps on breaking boundaries, and the tracks in The Tide is a clear evidence of that. Widlight’s music is one that you’ll always remember, regardless of how many months or years have passed.

Wildlight – Grace, Fully “This song came from the waters, very effortlessly one day, like a trickle pouring in. It came from the babbling creeks and yuba riverways of our home, dancing their sweet path to the sea. And it came from the deep ocean, and those ancient ones who dwell there, keeping the story of our whole lifetimes alive in their song.”
Posted by Wildlight on Saturday, September 26, 2015

Track List:
1. Rain
2. Crucible
3. Ours To Give
4. Get Up Out Your Way
5. Grace, Fully
6. Holy Dust
7. Move Like The Ocean
8. From The Ground Up
9. Lantern
10. Lily Moon
11. I Could Write
12. Holy Dust (Reprise)

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