Ayla Nereo‘s hauntingly beautiful music is a visitor that surprisingly arrives in your mind, paint vivid soundscapes, and stays etched in your brain for a long while. In The Code of the Flowers, Nereo successfully weaves fabrics of colorful and eclectic melodies that move the soul and confront one’s deepest core.


The Code of the Flowers encapsulates the essence of living in 13 magical pieces. Opening the collection is Whispers, a four-minute piece that puts Nereo’s flair for ambient sound and crisp, strong vocals in the forefront. Listen as the song builds an intimate relationship with your soul, intertwining with the very fiber of your being and enlivening your senses.

Tightrope Walker, on the other hand, captivates the ears with slow-burning piano keys interlaced with exacting bold beats. Look at the River takes a more playful, lighthearted route with soft vocals that tingles the ears in a roundabout style.

A personal favorite, Seeds channels the purest, animalistic drive of human beings, confronting us that there is something greater beyond our day-to-day modern lives. Here, Nereo utilizes tribal, solid beats paired with well-penned lines that talk about nature and being free.

The album closes with The Course, an evocative medley of ambient vocals that uses the imagery of water — the main source of life — to tell a story of tradition, generation, and humanity.

Ayla Nereo is not your typical indie artists. In The Code of the Flowers, she charts her own course through the music scene by tapping nature, tradition and life as muses to create a purely unique sound that reminds us of our existence.

Track List:
1. Whispers
2. Tightrope Walker
3. Look at the River
4. Seeds
5. Ivory Tongue
6. Little Beckon
7. Waves
8. Turning Wake
9. Wild Burn
10. We Forgot
11. Hum
12. Drive by Fires
13. The Course

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