Inject some soul lovin’ into your day with The Suffers‘ debut EP, Make Some Room, a four-piece collection of R&B and soul-infused pieces that will make you groove.

Hailing from Houston, Texas, The Suffers is a ten-piece band that offers a rich blend of classic American soul with rock n’ roll. Giving a foundation to vocalist Kam Franklin is a well-founded, solid sections of rhythm and horn.


Title track Make Some Room ignites the ears with soothing horns that caramelize in between Franklin’s bold-flavored vocals. The song is a dense and talent-packed piece that’s been laid out flawlessly to a loungey, soulful piece.

Meanwhile, Stay slowly swoons the listeners with smooth sailing vocals that perfectly matches Franklin’s raspy and strong female vocals. This track is a sure-fire way to reboot your mood form the stressful daily grind.

Following the waves of slow, soulful music, Gwan features more upbeat melodies from a harmonious partnership between the horns and drums, creating an organic highly-energized piece that will make you bump and move.

The Suffers concludes the album with Giver, a seven-minute creation that aims to develop layers of rich, heavy-bodied sounds that lusciously travel to the listeners in every play.

Make Some Room is a distinctive collection that introduces The Suffers and their ability to create smooth soul pieces that are refreshing to hear.

Track List:
1. Make Some Room
2. Stay
3. Gwan
4. Giver

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