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Secret Passages: Hidden Objects

Secret Passages: Hidden Objects is a mystery adventure game, the objective being to find hidden objects. There are many games and books like it, but game publisher Pocket Gems has made it more complex and interesting as it boasts of a solid storyline, plus the game mechanics are very good as well.

Turbo Racing League

Turbo Racing League is an entertaining snail based racing game, and it’s bright and cheery. Published by, all aspects of the game from the track to the environment are in bright colors, but the brightness isn’t just in the colors but the gameplay too. if you love arcade games, you’ll like Turbo Racing League.

Small Street

Small Street is an “economy building” game, but rather than construct a tower where your residents can live in, this one will have you building a town and a strip mall. Created by Glu Games, it allows you to build shops, apartments and restaurants, populate them and find employment for your citizens.

Battle Alert

Battle Alert is a military strategy game from Xing Cloud. It’s a fun take at the military strategy genre and it offers many features that set it apart from others. While the graphics are on the cartoony side, the game is very engaging. You start things off by building bases and collecting resources, but there’s a lot more to it.

Fair Food Maker

Fair Food Maker from Sunstorm Interactive is one of the most popular food making games on the iOS today. If you love carnival foods, then you won’t want to pass this one up, as this will allow you to make them just the way you like. It’s a nice game not just for kids but for everyone who has been to the carnival and wants to relieve the experience.

Empires: World War

Empires: World War is one of the biggest and most popular empire building games on the iOS today. Developed by Midverse Studios, this online game will take hours out of your life as you strive to dominate your enemies in a post-World War landscape.

Pocket Planes

Pocket Planes from NimbleBit is a unique type of airline sim as you try and manage a cargo of planes. You begin with just a few planes, but as the game progresses you can unlock jumbo jets and move from small towns to large cities. Unlike other sim games, it requires strategy and a large world to explore.

Bird Zapper

Bird Zapper by Namco Games is a three-match puzzle game. While the puzzle concept isn’t new, the game ups the ante by incorporating lots of power ups and a moving field of play. The genre is filled true, but this game breathes fresh life into it. The graphics are very good and its numerous modes give it plenty of value.