Another offering from FrostClick’s and FrostWire’s favorite DJ from Czech Republic, ESPSIX. Following the success of “Collection of House Music” available via FrostWire a good few months ago, he comes back with his newest album – “Older is Better”. We are very honored that “Older is Better” is exclusively available via FrostClick and FrostWire and is absolutely free for everybody for non-commercial use.

The new house music collection features 10 tracks which are sure to perk you up with their beats. With cuts like “F.Y.M.H.M.” and “Night Trip”, this new album would definitely make you want to dance right in front of your computer. Even those who are not big fans of house or funk will likely appreciate ESPSIX’s vintage take on dance music. “Older is Better” is full of disco-house & funk-house beats with some electro-house/club-house sounds, finished up with one chill-out track to slow your down your heartbeat.

01 ESPSIX – Night trip – Older is Better – by frostclick

As you might know already, ESPSIX isn’t really a club-type DJ who performs live on stage. Although he doesn’t consider himself as a professional, he is definitely not a novice either. He’s been producing his music and mastering it to perfection at his own home studio on a Linux machine. We like to think about him as a great composer who loves creating music and sharing it with others.

With almost 70,000 downloads of his first house collection here on FrostClick and FrostWire, ESPSIX still remains true to the Creative Commons spirit offering his music free. ESPSIX firmly believes that free music will definitely work its way to become more and more popular. Sharing good music with anyone who likes it without thinking of gaining financial profits is something that really caught us – and back in the day, ESPSIX too. The album is free for non-commercial use and sharing, so feel free to spread the love! Please, just make sure not to alter or remix the tracks and always remember to credit him!

“Older is Better” really lives up to what you expect from ESPSIX: house music at its best.

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