Sometimes, all you need is good old rock and roll. Gleb Bones’ The Fine Art of Wasting Time is an interesting mix of funk, hardrock, indie and garage rock in one loud yet likable record.

These Frenchman actually describe their sound as “glam rock” on their Myspace page and certainly, some songs do remind you of the good old hair, sequins, and tights days. However, there’s no denying that most of the tracks are certainly worth lovin’.

If you’re looking for some nostalgic rock and roll, then this is one of the best records on Jamendo to check out.

The Fine Art of Wasting Time is a great album filled with 70s/80s style rock and roll. Gleb Bones pretty much got their work cut out for them; recording and including 17 full cuts in the compilation. Each one has sass and style; taking you back to the good old days when men can wear colorful skintight outfits, makeup and big hair with no fear.

Songs like Date of Misery, I Wanna Try and Altarrr all echo a glam rock vibe. Meanwhile, Call It What You Want ( my favorite in the compilation) features a more 70s psychedelic rock style. It’s a song done in the same vein as Deep Purple or a hazy, drugged out Doors. Really nice trippy, rock track that’s worth checking out.
On the other hand, tracks like Liquid Present and The Fine Art of Wasting Time, each have their own distinct category. The former being an instrumental escapade of beautiful guitars while the latter a slow, acoustic slight love song.

Overall, the record is pretty interesting. One of those albums that grow on you; it has quite a few surprises at nearly every turn. Check it out and grab the download.

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