This is the first of the records from Error!Lo-Fi Recording, a very interesting net-label I would like to recommend here.

Lagrima plays interesting and engaging instrumental lo-fi and although there is a certain that-composition-is-so-similar and I-have-heard-it-before syndromes, it’s still a recommendable release.

Because of the first thing mentioned above, I won’t say which track on the Trayecto Imperfecto de un Viaje Inacabado is the best, and because of the second syndrome, I won’t say which bands too much influenced this project ;-).

Check it out!

If you like lo-fi/postrock vibes, this is your record. If not, well… Too bad.

Track Listing:
01. Empieza el viaje
02. Primera parada
03. Segunda parada
04. Tercera parada
05. Última parada

This is the first EP of the other Xavi (Frägil) project. Very experimental, instrumental and ambient sounds mades only with a guitars. Calm. Like texas is the reason, Tristeza, Gregor Samsa, Explosions in the Sky, Mono and those of slowcore bands.

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