Quiet and dreamy; makes you think of floating on a piece of cloud. When it comes to sweet and relaxing stringed music, then Nic Bommarito definitely is a must consider. Even though he might look like a college boy, he is actually a very accomplished artist, professional and of course, musician.

His first release, Taciturn, has gained a huge following and has become an instant favorite among folk and post rock music lovers. For his recent release, Harp Fragments, there are subtle differences but the sweet melody as well as the beautiful melancholy is still ever present.

Nic Bommarito, like most musicians and artists, is constantly looking for ways to express himself. He has traveled in plenty of places including living in Lhasa in Tibet on the Republic of China as well as draws comics and manages several websites.

With Harp Fragments, Bommarito still plays much of the music himself, but this time he got help from Michael Connolly playing on the harp and viola. The album features 7 tracks that are filled with relaxing melodies. It’s easy to imagine having the songs playing in the background as you explore a new place or go for a new endeavor. One such endearing and soundtrack worthy cut is Lhasa. On the other hand, Folk Psychology contains a slightly upbeat acoustic feel. The string work is precise and captures a reflective mood perfectly.

Harp Fragments captures the fleeting moments of life easily. Although the production values aren’t always top par, Nic Bommarito has definitely created a great album that’s worth listening to.

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