Colaars from Kiev, Ukraine are a four-piece indie-pop band that have been making music since 2012. The group burst into the scene with a string of successful EPs which gained them an international audience, and more importantly, a dedicated online fan-base. This year, the long wait for their debut full-length record finally comes to an end with Underheart, and it is as satisfying as one could expect.

Listening to Underheart, our mind is automatically pervaded by an image of the inside of a swarming, retro night-club lit up vividly with neon lights. The music is as bright and dazzling as synth-pop can get, belting out one catchy hook after another. The album is packed with infectious guitar melodies like the one at the beginning of You Lead Me, and catchy basslines are a common occurrence. Imbuing these elements with life and vigor is the band’s steady, pulsating style of percussion that gives each track a rhythmic, throbbing quality. Underheart is the perfect record for listeners in search of some nostalgic, disco-influenced jams, and is, without a doubt, a promising beginning for Colaars.

Favorite Tracks: In Love, You Lead Me

Track List
1. To the Roofs
2. In Love
3. Underheart
4. You Lead Me
5. Haze

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