Demo Days is an indie pop alternative album that you might want to check out. There’s hardly anything about these guys online but if you let the music speak for itself, they’re definitely worth your time.

Creating an indie pop sound, Aw-1 collects 12 tracks in their record that range from upbeat, danceable tempos to indie love songs that you can sing to your partner as you enjoy a quiet moment together. This diversity makes the album nice and perfect for all types of mood you might find yourself in.

One thing you get from this group is an interesting mix of soft pop love songs mixed with hipster uptempo beats. Occasionally, there are songs that somewhat settle in between, unsure of being a slow pop love track or an all-out dancy track.

Starting off with the soft, bluesy tune, A Long Way To The Top, the band gently sways the listeners into their brand of music. It’s a bit dark with hints of jazz and blues incorporated in the song. Another cut that echoes this vibe is Three Little Slugs. It comes complete with finger clickings and a smooth, slightly baritone voice from the singer.

There are also tracks that deliver a slightly different flair though. Cuts like Enter Plageman showcase a hipster indie pop side to the group while Champaigne Eyes is a moody alternative/progressive track that could as well belong to a Pink Floyd or Led Zeppelin album.

Overall, this record certainly has it’s plus points. The production quality is good. Although it can be a bit hard to pinpoint the type of music these guys really want to play; yet it’s this eclectic feel that adds to the album’s interest.

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