Looking for a nice puzzle game that you can waste a couple of your hours or minutes on? Pragmatica might just do the trick for you.

The game is set in a time when humanity has become a liability. Instead, the world is increasingly becoming dependent on robots and Pragmatica has become one of the leading industries of the time.

Developed by HIVE, the same team that gave you the gorgeous handrawn platformer, Umbrella Adventures which was featured here in Frostclick as well; you can expect only the best from Pragmatica. 

The game is essentially a puzzle programming game where you’ll need to figure out how to get the robots up and running. Controlling the robots and getting them to do the work is your job. You’ll need to input commands that will help your robots navigate their way throughout the level. Some of the things you’ll have them do is navigate through mazes or maybe move crates around.

Although this might seem like a simple task, the catch is that as you progress, the more robots you’ll need to guide. You’ll need to control them using the same commands so it’s going to be pretty challenging to manage. Moreover, the developers added a MapMaker so you can easily create your own maps and give yourself a great challenge if that’s what you’re after.

Overall, the game is quite interesting. Graphics and storyline are pretty solid. The gameplay is pretty cool and the puzzles are unique. You’ll certainly have a fun time taking a crack at this.

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