Armed with guitars, sweet vocals and melodic r-acoustic vibes, Lightmares EP by the Yetis makes for good company on a quiet afternoon.

The band is made up of Cameron Smith – guitars & vocals, Curtis Smith – bass & vocals, David Muratore – guitars & vocals, Jenna Smith – violin, glockenspiel & vocals andThomas Brett – drums, percussion & vocals.

This EP first came out in March 2011 and is available at a pay-what-you-want/free download option over at their BandCamp page.

Harnessing and channeling a folk pop sound, the band creates catchy melodic ensembles that cry out for some fun afternoon with friends or some quiet time by yourself. This set of tracks can easily put you in a good mood without much trouble even if it’s only 5 songs short.

It begins with the sunshine-y single, Creating Sight. Equipped with narrative lyrics and a nice acoustic sound, the song is the longest one in the EP running at more than 5 minutes. It circles between slow and upbeat throughout the entire song. For the second track, Don’t Fear, Old Friend, the band showcases their Christian faith as they sing about their personal convictions.

On the other hand, Johnny Sleep Well takes on a slower pace while final cut, Oak Tree, puts on a dancy vibe that seems perfect as a praise and worship track.

Simple and heartwarming, Lightmares EP is a great record to put on if you need some encouraging company. The band is currently writing up more material so for the meantime take a listen to this by downloading it.

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