After releasing their highly acclaimed debut album, Mind River Matter; Thula Borah brings in another anticipated EP in, Live Secretly.

This Glasgow quartet is made up of trio, Lloyd, Matt and Kev. Building up a post rock, melancholic sound, the boys capture a quiet uneasiness in their songs that would make you feel as if you’re deep down an empty well looking up.

Despite being low key, the band’s songs have received airplay from BBC One, Radio North Angus and Amazing Radio to name a few. 

By the end of this EP, it’s likely you’ll want to keep this album company for a good while. Filled with beautiful progressions, melodic sweeps and understated vocals, Live Secretly beams with pride in what it has to offer.

Starting the compilation is Organic Paranoia, an instrumental number that bears Thula Borah’s resident ambient progressive stamp. The song provides sweeping melodies on top of a steady beat; opening the album with a gentle melancholia. Following it closely is Skye Falling; it is here that the boys incorporate vocal work as well as some wonderful acoustic guitars. It’s a highly recommended single that gives listeners a good idea on why the band deserves a listen or two.

Murder and Null flesh out the ensemble while the last track Violence is Forever, serenades the listener for a whole 9 minutes and delivers a fitting ending to a gorgeous compilation.

If it’s one thing good albums have in common, it’s the capacity to turn an initial reaction into a potential lifelong love. The EP might be short but it carries this promise. Thula Borah offers ambient progressive lovers out there a whole new way to fall in love with the genre. From the looks of things, this is just the start to what would hopefully be more mindblowing compilations in the future. Grab this free download and enjoy.

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