2:22 Cover MixGalaxyThis is a second official compilation from MixGalaxy Records. “This time authors have been given a task to create full music composition strictly 2 minutes and 22 seconds long, while being completely free in genre choice. This means, once again, that this album is followed by wide variety of moods and music styles. Besides musicians represented on the first release, several new names are introduced here. And yes total number of tracks is 22. Enjoy!”

This is one of the most enjoyable albums I’ve listened to in a while! A true mix of genres, yet one overarching theme. Yes, all tracks are 2 minutes 22 seconds, but they are also all chilled out, positive and just a pleasure to sink into. I’ve listen to many instrumental all electronica or all chill out albums while working and most of them tend to get little monotone after a few tracks – with this release, every track is a surprise and it just never gets boring.

And please make sure to pay attention to “We Met Dat Night” by Vospi – my favorite!

Track Listing:
1. Alien S – Crystal Influence
2. Waterplea – Birth
3. DJ Leader – Bad Galaxy
4. Cubic – Owl
5. Timofey – Planet Parade
6. Waterplea – Strays
7. Mobil – Give Me One More Chance
8. Katerina Inaya – Lemmy Bjet v Baraban
9. Vospi – We Met Dat Night
10. Nick Moksus – Crossrhodes
11. Esdo & Noraus – Robodub
12. Fike – Otherside
13. SergZX – Sunset
14. Gipa – Fat Frog’s Restless Dream
15. Cubic – Noir
16. iDesign – Funky Shit
17. Nuts Gives Power – Battle Smoke
18. iDesign – The Real Toy Key
19. Noraus – Redub
20. Rustick – Small Adventure
21. Romulla – Orly Express
22. Fedorov Mark – Rock and Roll

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