WallPaper is the latest effort from singer/songwriter, TK Paradza.

This 13-track record from the Zimbabwe-born singer, features melt-your-heart vocals and a beautiful set of catchy songs that would make most R&B/pop fans happy.

Paradza counts musicians like Craig David, Usher, Keith Sweat and Michael Jackson as his influences. Judging from this album, TK seems to have what it takes to make a solid impression on fans and listeners.

When he first started, TK won the Telethon Big Audition Singing Competition in New Zealand. The contest managed to earn $2 million New Zealand dollars and paved the way for the artist to reach LA. To date, TK has managed to open up for American artist, KC & Jojo; local NZ artists, Nysian Mystric and Smashproof. Moreover, his journey also paved the opportunity for him to open for one of Zimbabwe’s top artist, Oliver Mutukudzi.

Listening through, WallPaper is quite enjoyable. You get a mix of soft R&B tracks that’s coupled with an abundance of dance pop. From the opening song, Got Me on Fire, you’ll understand how his songs seem tailor-made for pop radio airplay. Most of them feature a great beat, even better than some of the dance pop songs playing on radio today.

After that first track, the entire album follows suit and gives you one catchy single after another. TK’s smooth vocals add that special R&B touch to a few songs and prevent it from fully jumping into the pop bandwagon. A few must-check out cuts include, Catch Me, Just Using Me and Mr. Liar.

WallPaper is a great album especially for those who love pop R&B. Even if it seems quite trite and too similar with most modern pop/R&B offerings, it’s still no doubt very enjoyable. It’s polished and well-done, complete with songs that have really good hooks. One of the best free pop/R&B albums you can grab online. Don’t miss out on it.

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