Here we bring a really cool app that surely will make you smile. Floating Image for Android makes a live wallpaper out of all the various sources where your pictures are stored. Yes, you heard that right. The app itself is very cool and offers a great way of sprucing up the decor factor to a new level.

Created by Mark Gjøl, the developer is fairly new to the Android ecosystem, but the delivery with Floating Image is so amazing that we can just look forward for his next offering on the Market.

Floating Image is an app that is a hybrid consisting of a screensaver and Android Live Wallpaper. Well, many would ask what is so special about pictures floating on the screen. There is nothing great about it, but what Floating Image does is, it allows users to choose various different photo feeds and then displays those images.

Users get the option of adding photo feeds from the Phone, Picasa, Facebook, 500px and Flickr. That is not all, the 500px feed throws-up various options, such as categories, user subscribed pictures, favorites, friends and the ability to discover new photos from within the 500px community. I personally prefer the Facebook feed, as it just takes a sign-in and Voila! all the selected album pics float vividly on the screen.

The app provides a plethora of setting options, ranging from display mode, slideshow interval, slideshow transition speed, various movement options, rotate images for better effects, transverse speed of images and the likes. All this highly contributes in adding that panache. The app also has an option to display High-Resolution thumbnails for the Android superphones with beastly display resolutions.

A particular feature that will be loved by a million will be the ‘Disallow Nudity’ option. Public & professional photo feeds like 500px may host nude photography and this app completely blocks it out and does it well. There might be a degree of error where a nude pic might appear, but that is when the options galore kicks-in.

Overall, Floating Image as an app is a class idea and especially when Android just loves the concept of Live Wallpapers. On trying the app, the images moved across the screen seamlessly without a lag, even when the application drawer was activated. A must have for all the users who love to have all their near ones in the same place, at the same time.

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