And so productivity is enhanced for two of the most hardcore mobile platforms, namely, Android and iOS, with nothing other than the Dolphin Browser.

The app is aimed at being an efficient and smart browser with a plethora of options you might have still didn’t even hear about. Developed by Mobotap, this browser surely makes the cut.

Performance wise, unlike most browsers available for download, Dolphin really does change the way people browse the web on their mobile devices with some very fine tool integration and intuitive features. So what really sets this browser apart? Well, for starters, it adds functionality that the default Android and iOS browser lacks.

The ‘gesture’ feature is the strongest point, so now, instead of going the traditional way of punching in the website name on the keyboard, users can just make a “G” on the screen and Voila! the Google homepage opens up, make an “F” and the most-popular social-networking site Facebook is up and running. These gestures are not default, users can customize any gesture in the form of words, symbols, smileys, numbers and associate them with any webpage. Simplicity at its best.

Another feature that gets the game going is Webzine. Well, the word is a marriage between Web and Magazine and this feature helps in moving away all advertisements cluttering the webpage and presents it in a very reader-friendly magazine like format. Developers say Webzine brings back elegance to the webpage.

Users had previously complained about how they missed tabbed browsing on their smartphone. Well, Dolphin browser eliminates that complaint by allowing users to open innumerable tabs at once. The browser also adds the functionality for users to switch between desktop mode and mobile mode. This is a great feature as all websites are not formatted for mobile viewing, and desktop mode certainly benefits tablet users.

An application today, no matter how productive, is rendered useless if it lacks social-networking support. Users on the Dolphin Browser can easily share webpages on Facebook and Twitter via the button on the top-right of the browser. There are other multiple ease-of-access options like bookmarks folder, speed-dial, smart address bar, sidebar, and the option to personalize the browser according to the users’ choice.

Overall, Dolphin Browser is one-of-the-most finest browsers in the market and packs in productivity to the gills. The iOS platform has a normal version for the iPhone and iPod Touch; and an HD version for the iPad. The Android app is a universal one and is available alongside Dolphin Browser mini.

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