Revive the classic lover in you and devour on one of Charles Dickens’ highly-acclaimed novel Great Expectations.

Generally regarded as the greatest novelist of the Victorian Period, Charles John Huffman Dickens gave us some of the most influential works in literature such as Oliver Twist, Tale of Two Cities, A Christmal Carol, and many more.

First published in serial form in All the Year Round (Dickens’ weekly periodical), Great Expectations tells the story of Pip, a young orphan whose personal growth and development depicts real-life issues of Victorian England ranging from its relationships, colonies, imperfect educational system, and extending concern with social status and mobility.

One thing that makes you fall in love with a Dickens’ novel is its solid characterization. From names to their personalities, each character is so dense and complexly designed. The plot was also brilliant; the author has maintained each reader hooked word after word. The dialogue teems with sinister comedy, witty line and clever imagery. l personally like how Pip’s narration in the novel reflected his physical and emotional growth.

All in all, Great Expectations is a melancholy novel that explores alienation and loneliness of outsiders like Pip. So cuddle up, hit download, and delve into a rich and absorbing reading experience.

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