Malcolm Lacey, the man behind Arrange, brings to us New Memory, an ambient experimental album that reaches the upper echelons of musical bliss.

Nineteen year old Malcom Lacey has shown a magnificent talent with chill/ambient sounds that’s evident from his previous album, Plantation, which was also featured on FrostClick. In New Memory, the Portland, Oregon-based musician presents us twelve mouth-watering tracks that oozes emotion, precision, and style.

Backdropped with ocean waves and subtle beats, Ivory Pt.1 is the perfect opening track to cast an overall mood to the collection.

And My Hands Denied Me My Right continues the spacey vibe of the previous track, only adding a bit of drums and cymbal to lighten up the energy.

Another subtle ambient number, Caves is a slow burning serenade backed up with soothing piano keys. Lacey’s layered ghostly vocals blended with the flawless arrangement is hauntingly beautiful. I love how it slowly touches, grows, and lingers to the ears.

Traversing a more experimental avenue, North plays on rhythms, atmospherics, and voice overs. One thing that sets Arrange’s tracks apart is its short, poetic verses that give body and soul to the music.

I Want to Be Alright seals up the album with a wonderfully twisted arrangement. The tender pulsing vocals that ends like whispers are mixed with jazzy horns, creating a jungle of unexpectedly unique ambient arrangement.

Arrange has once again proven his potential and craft. New Memory harnesses our emotions and make these evolve into something distressingly beautiful. It is the perfect breather, a quick fix for that busy day ahead.

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