Indie pop geeks looking for cool additions to your playlist, search no more because The Great American Novel’s Kissing is up and ready for grabs!

Hailing from New York, the band is composed of Layne Montgomery, JR Atkins, Peter Kiplin, Devin Calderin, Zac Coe, Oliver Ignatius, and Aidan Shepard. Boasting eleven stellar tracks, this latest release musical collection bridges the gap between indie and pop garage.

Intro track Sleeping Alone opens up with lush piano keys sand hand-clapping beats reminiscent of The Beach Boys. The upbeat tunes and vintage aesthetic will surely lighten up your morning coffee.

Followin g up with slow burning electric guitars, Holly is a plethora of slow rock tunes and steady drum beats.

The band utilizes more of their pop garage side in American Weekend, this upbeat track is a jungle of rapid drums. It’s the perfect soundtrack for that impulsive roadtrip. You’re Probably Good at Kissing, on the other hand, boasts some glowing tambourine and passionate vocals. I love how the sound itself evolves with each listen.

Raymond Carver proples a lot of raw energy. Danceable tunes are perfectly backdropped with folk-sounding melodies. Press play and devour on this contrastive but strangely cohesive masterpiece.

The collection closes up with my personal favourite, Kissing. This title track welcomes the ears with charming harmonica tunes that flowers in your ears upon listen. The feel-good vibe that the song offers is the perfect album closer as it wraps up the albums overall mood and theme.

In Kissing, The Great American Novel has proven that they’ve got the chops to deliver music worth hearing. The tracks in this record are polished to perfection, the saccharine and energy-filled pieces weave threads of pleasure and rhythm to our hungry ears.

The amazing album artwork is by Casey Roonan.

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