Progressive techno and dance don’t get enough lovin’ in the mainstream market but it doesn’t mean it’s not worth taking a listen to.

Makkadessia is a duo made up of Yauhen Bardouski and Maxim Kuharenko; two young producers from Belarus. Moonou is the duo’s latest release and hauls in a flurry of the house, techno, progressive and dub sounds with them.

Released under, the label specializes in offering electronic music that are licensed and shared for free under a Creative Commons License.

Despite having plenty of sites to check out their sound, there’s hardly any solid information about the duo. One thing’s for certain though, their sound is a gorgeous mix of muted snares and house/trance rhythms fit for a psychedelic time.

Starting the compilation is Original, the track showcases hypnotic beats lined with occasional vocal samples. Despite being 8 minutes long, listeners are treated to a wall of sound that pulses and throbs incessantly. Giving off the same vibe throughout the EP, each track on the album shows off a resident feel and aura. Most of these are easy to dance to and would make the ideal soundtrack for clubs as well as rave parties everywhere.

Overall, you’re in for some type of sonic experience when you listen to this record. The album is available as a free download right now, so take a listen and enjoy.

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