Bringing you fun and energy-filled symphonies, A Wish for Awaking in the Dream will surely awaken your senses.

Formed in 2004 at Bosphorus University, the Istanbul-based band Tymphony derives its name from the combination of the words “tempo” and “symphony”. This ten-track collection encapsulates their name as it features a rhythmic mixture of oriental ambient, symphonic forms, and icelandic elements.


The Love of Mr. Clown opens up with jazzy horns and an upbeat vibe that screams fun and sunshine. Press play and let this track brighten up those gloomy days.

Following is When You Touch which is a slower ensemble of horns, ambient melodies, and some fine whistling. While fourth track You Are So Sweet, But… sheds off a classical rock flair as intricate piano keys blends perfectly with drumbeats.

The perfect company for mornings over coffee, Redden Lips & Elevator is an ambient sonic piece that flows smoothly with soft electro tunes and jazzy horns.

The End, Sadly boasts an acoustic arrangement mixed with ghostly layered vocals that gives a nostalgic vibe to the track. Untimely Infidelity ends the collection with a a curious blend of orchestral arrangements and funky pop.

For those seeking for brilliant instrumentals that will fit a variety of mood, A Wish for Awaking in the Dream is a musical gold mine. Tymphony‘s gift of crafting atmospheric music that’s relaxing but not sleep-inducing is really worth the listen.

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