Geometry Dash Meltdown from RobTop Games belongs to the category of easy to learn, hard to beat and highly addictive mobile games. This 2D sidescroller has you flying and jumping and going around an obstacle course, and while it sounds basic enough, it gets increasingly difficult, but it never feels unfair.

This game is a runner type, so when it commences you won’t be able to stop it until you have completed the level or you are killed by making contact with one of the obstacles. The game monitors your progress by way of percentage, so when you complete one of those obstacles that has been stopping you, your percentage completion will go up from say, 53% to 54%.

Geometry Dash Meltdown doesn’t just provide you with a challenging gameplay, but the soundtrack is pretty good as well. The movement and scrolling are smooth, and the soundtrack syncs well with the visual effects so the overall effect is impressive. The gameplay controls are simplicity in itself as you just tap the screen to avoid the obstacles around you.

Geometry Dash Meltdown also does a good job switching from sidescrolling to platform to flying easily, and the sounds jibe well when you try to avoid the monsters that are coming after you. Any way you look at it this is a tried and tested obstacle runner that delivers the goods.

As was pointed out earlier the game is challenging, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s fun and will have you tapping for just one more game, again and again.

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