With the success of her debut EP D.E.V.Y.N. which hit over 150,000 downloads over at FrostWire, Devyn Rose is ready to win you over yet again with her final installment of the free EP series entitled PROJECT: I AM DEVYN ROSE.

Hailing from Mt. Vernon, NY, Devyn’s stint in the entertainment industry started through modelling but later on jumped to music under the name Tanya T6 where she released the mixtape Move Over Paris Hilton.

In Want It All, the multi-genre singer/songwriter offers us five hard-hitting tracks that encapsulates Devyn’s own musical style—an eccentric mix of pop, r&b, alternative, and hip hop.

When asked about her new EP, Devyn says, ”My main goal for my EP “Want It All” is to show my fans and potential new fans what I am capable of overall as a multi genre musician, through my music, through my visuals, in everything I do…and I definitely feel I am accomplishing that goal – I’m sooo not done yet..although this is the last installment to my PROJECT: I AM DEVYN ROSE EP Series, this is really just the beginning to the end.”


A funky intro spices things up as title track Want It All welcomes the ears with a sultry piano ensemble. Few minutes into the song and you’ll fully visualize the immense talent this artist has to offer.

Following with dense musical background, F??k Me High intensifies Devyn’s most powerful asset—her voice. Press play and let her hot, layered vocals builds and fades in its own fashion.

Who I Am features jumpy electro pop tunes that both quirky and highly addictive. While What If We wraps up the EP with solid r&b beats that blends smoothly with Devyn’s soulful vocals.

Want It All EP reaffirms that the best is yet to come for Devyn Rose. Her talent, unique style, and polished vocals were thoughtfully put together making this album worth every repeat.


1. Intro
2. Want It All
3. F??k Me High
4. Trouble
5. Who Am I
6. What If We

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