Doctor Zoots presents his involvement toward a rising catalog of releases to come from the Antisocial Music label. Dirty Work is ironically one of those flawless and unified hip-hop album that the music industry has ever heard.

In this EP, all lyrics written and performed by Doctor Zoots and all tracks were produced, arranged, recorded, and mixed by Fish except for the lyrics of Never Quit, which was recorded and mixed by DJ Pelt.

Comprised of 10 tracks and 2 skits, this EP boasts of the compilation of well-mixed, repeat-worthy sounds.

The autonomy stipulated by Dirty Work, is brought out and made more obvious by the driving drums and the genius rapping ability of Dr. Zoots

The album continues to grow vibrant on the track entitled Pleasure Cruise in which Dr. Zoots exhibits the virtuoso track by allowing the beat to run solo on while casually slipping in his perfected lyrical abilities.

Never Quit will keep your blood pumping. This track seizes the chance to commendably establish his diverse and fine-tuned rapping.

This brilliant work of a talented rapper and versatile producer definitely makes this album outstandingly worth listening to.

Track List:
1. Varnish
2. Dirty Work
3. Counter Intelligence
4. (skit one)
5. Test Tubes
6. So What
7. Gepetto
8. UN1950
9. Pleasure Cruise
10. (skit two)
11. Last Breath
12. Never Quit

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