Fair Food Maker from Sunstorm Interactive is one of the most popular food making games on the iOS today. If you love carnival foods, then you won’t want to pass this one up, as this will allow you to make them just the way you like. It’s a nice game not just for kids but for everyone who has been to the carnival and wants to relieve the experience.

There are several foods to choose from such as lemon shakeups, funnel cakes and kettle corn. Other old time carnival favorites such as milkshakes, snow cones and ice pops are available too. As you go through Fair Food Maker you can make corn dogs, cotton candies and French fries. You can also make apples and other types of sweet candies. You can even whip out some toppings and decorate them.

Fair Food Maker is also full of extra games, and what makes it even more exciting is the fact that the games are similar to those that you would find in a carnival. Just play them and you will win prizes just like in the real thing.

Game play is very easy and anyone can pick it up. As far as the graphics are concerned, it is pretty good, the vivid colors suitable for the carnival atmosphere. If you used to go to carnivals when you were a kid, you will get a kick out of this. It is a fun game that you can literally spend hours playing, and it never seems to get old.

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