FOUR is Tropo‘s first studio album even though the group already splashed in the world of electronic since 2010. When you check out this group’s new album, you will be treated with burst of candy colors that offers actually the sort-of opposite but that is actually the exciting part.

Take A Ride is a perfect collaboration of snippy sonic, bass, beats, and the signature violin. This is the only track that has complete vocals in it and it is already an aesthetic sound that tickles your ears. And for an electronica, it has a layered multicolored sound and its crispiness makes this track clean with a burst of excitement. It also has that certain LSS (beware of that “Take a ride…” chorus) that even though you already put off the track, it will still play in your mind. And yes, this LSS will be a great treat to your ears.

Stoney Faced Priest is the longest track in the album as it runs in more than seven minutes yet you wouldn’t even notice it. The track is mostly covered with a beautiful, and dramatic violin melodies in the first minute of the track and these violin melodies will eventually creeps in and out of the usual beats/bass. The track offers an amazing synchronization of jazz, electronic, and with surprise vocals that is definitely an indie pop.

Smooth, with a bit of jazzy because of the band’s signature violin melodies, Spirit Guides is a unique blend of Asian-inspired electronic music that will make you tuned in. This track offers an Oriental vibe in the first few minutes, and you imagine yourself that you are in the middle of a Chinese opera that can be transformed into a club hotspot in matter of seconds.

FOUR is a certified electronic indie album that will make even non-indie listeners to tune in. The 8-track album consists of all original pieces that will definitely make Tropo a force to be reckoned in the world of electronica.

Track List:
1. Take A Ride
2. This Side Of Paradise
3. Circle Logic
4. Stoney Faced Priest
5. Dr. Portal
6. Spirit Guides
7. River In You
8. Blood Music

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