Seldom do you discover music that’s so good you just want to put it on loop. Maya‘s Honey, Sleep perfectly fits into that category as it enthralls you with heavenly vocals and playful arrangement.

Released last May 1, this little piece of sonic gem delivers eight tracks that brim with juicy acoustic goodness.

First stop is Can You Hear Me?, a simple ensemble that showcase fluid vocals that smoothly blends and jives well with every pitch and rhytm. Eyes follows with playful ukelele that highlights Maya’s angelic and efortless voice. I love the chilling, soulful quality of her voice with a little kick of jazz to spice up the ears.

Boasting in all acoustic goodness, Heartbeat is the perfect companion in a gloomy rainy monday. Together with a cup of coffee and a warm sweater, this charming piece will surely brighten up your mood.

Another stellar track, Miss America showcases Maya’s voice accompanied with saccharine piano melodies. Title track Honey, Sleep wraps up the album with soft cooing guitar strings that relaxes every bit of your body.

Honey, Sleep is a superfluous musical release that translates emotions into beautiful melodies. So download, press play, and let this album lull you to sonic bliss.

Track List:
1. Can You Hear Me?
2. Eyes
3. Cream Cheese
4. Heartbeat
5. Crazy
6. Miss America
7. In The Forest
8. Honey, Sleep

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