Sniper Shooter from Fun Games for Free is just a tiny bit similar to what you have seen in other iOS and Android games, but it also comes with its own identity bringing you a lot fun. You of course play a sniper and you have to finish several missions to become a master of your craft. By simply tilting your device you can aim and shoot your targets, so it’s easy to pick up.

In Sniper Shooter you work for a mysterious agency whose goal is to kill corrupt cops, gangsters, murderers, frauds and even former allies that have gone against you. The game is very simple: you are given orders, and then you find your target, pull the trigger and get paid for your services.

Each mission at Sniper Shooter starts with a briefing which will tell you what to do. You will also learn how a target is identified. This is very important since some targets are in crowded areas so you need to pay attention. To make things more interesting, distance and wind play a factor and have to be considered.

Sniper Shooter also has attacking targets, multiple targets, and even targets that will try to run away. It is these elements that make Sniper Shooter more challenging at the higher levels. There are IAP options here if you want to buy new weapons, but you can get those weapons by simply playing. If you love these sniper type games, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t give this a try. It’s free and a lot of fun.

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