Backed by a three-piece band, Shannon Wardrop delivers fresh, punchy melodies in her latest EP Medicine.

The 20-year-old singer/songwriter from the outskirts of London takes her inspiration from The Rolling Stones, Small Faces, Jefferson Aeroplane, and The Kinks. Released last June 2, 2013, Wardrop’s sounds enters a new dimension of alternative music with soft vocals and sharp arrangement.

Clocking in at number one is title track Medicine. Bask in a jungle of rock-embossed guitar and ethereal vocals. This song shows the competitiveness that fuels Wardrop, making this track a solid platform for the album.

Take You Home (Tounge in Cheek) follows with moments of head nodding and chillout listening. While Meet Me by The Waterfront utilizes low, booming drum beats that adds power and raw energy to the piece.

Wrapping up the album in a bright, upbeat charm is Marjorie. Press play and let folk rock melodies play in your ears.


All in all, Medicine is a solid EP for such a young artist. Wether you’re chilling on a rainy night or driving home from work, Shanon Wardrop’s vocals will surely calm your senses and drive those stress away.

Track List:
1. Medicine
2. Take You Home (Tounge in Cheek)
3. Meet Me by The Waterfront
4. Marjorie

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